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Akanda Jyoti - Our ever burning lamp is herewith offered to all the Rishis known and identified and those not known. Vedic wisdom has been passed down through many great sages who were free from the bindings of this world. Their minds were connected to the inifine ocean of wisdom within, their light will radiate for all eternity. With eternal gratitude we keep this lamp burning in their honor. 

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Take a short gentle walk after lunch to improve digestion and assimilation of food. Moderate excercise is always a panacea for digestion.

Ayurveda (Devanagari: आयुर्वेद ) or ayurvedic medicine is a form of alternative medicine in use primarily in the Indian subcontinent. The word "Ayurveda" is a tatpurusha compound of āyus "life" and veda "knowledge", and would roughly translate as the "Science of Life". Ayurveda deals with the measures of healthy living, along with therapeutic measures that relate to physical, mental, social and spiritual harmony. Ayurveda is also one among the few traditional systems of medicine involving surgery.
Bhu Mata
The ancient Vedic sages viewed the Earth[Bhu Matha - Mother Earth] as a divine goddess, a being who had feelings and consciousness, and who responded to our prayers and actions. The sages sang beautiful hymns of gratitude to Mother Earth, wished her peace in rhythmic peace prayers, and also performed elaborate fire ceremonies for her peace and happiness.
Eternal Truth
Jyotisha (jyotiṣa, in Hindi and English usage Jyotish) is the Hindu system of astrology, one of the six disciplines of Vedanta, and regarded as one of the oldest schools of ancient astrology to have had an independent origin, affecting all other schools in and around India. The Sanskrit word derives from jyótis (disjointed as "Ja"+"Ya"+"O"+"T"+"ish" to get the root meaning as "water or birth"+"in addition to" + "earth" and "stars" + "knowledgeable" equating as one who is knowledgeable, or enlightened with knowledge, of birth, fate, and relationship to water, earth and stars) or which means "light, brightness", but in the plural also "the heavenly bodies, planets and stars".

Around the world there are special places where spiritual energies are more concentrated. In this section we take you on outer journeys to these places through various authors so you may experience a little of their magic.

Rishi Krishi
Four systems of organic farming are prevalent in India: Biodynamic Krishi, Rishi Krishi, Panchgavya Krishi and Agnihotra Krishi. Biodynamic Krishi has a strict sowing and planting calendar. Rishi Krishi involves boomi sanskar and application of amrit pani.
Spiritual Insight

A collection of Spiritual Insights to inspire in you a life of Conscious living

Sthapaya Veda
Vaastu Shastra (aka Sthapatya Veda and Vastu) is the ancient Vedic science of design and architecture. It is a detailed science of how to place and construct buildings for harmonious life on earth.

The world has and continues to be blessed with spiritual saints who, through Divine inspiration, offer us deep and profound spiritual insights to uplift and inspire in us to live a life of Higher Consciousness.

We feature just a few of them here.

Vedic Culture

A look into the basics of Vedic culture and its philosophy.

Many people do not know quite what it is, and it is often described incorrectly by many who are not a part of it. However, it is not as mysterious or complex as it is often portrayed to be.

Vedic Sciences
Vedic science may refer to a number of disciplines, ancient and modern, Hindu, occultist or New Age, proto-scientific, found in or based on the Vedas.
Yagya is the science of purification of the atmosphere through the agency of fire given through Vedas, the ancienmost body of knowledge known to humankind.

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Getting Started 

To begin using Agnihotra for Windows you need to first download and install the software on your PC.

Get it from CNET! (Version 2.0.3 for Windows - 4.24 MB)

System Requirements:

Windows Operating System
128MB of RAM
5MB of disk space 


Internet Connection (if you wish to use the city lookup feature)
GPS (very handy if you want to know your exact location or live remotely)

Agnihotra Requirements:

Agnihotra Pyramid (Available from
Dried Cow Dung


Run the file after you have downloaded it and the installer will begin. After completing the installation Agnihotra for Windows will run for the 1st time and ask you to set you present location.

Select first your country and then your city. If you can not find your city use the optional lookup facility. Take care to set your timezone using the following format.

How to enter timezones: 

For all timezones EAST of GMT enter them as a postive number e.g.

South Africa is GMT +2 so simply enter "2"

For all timezones WEST of GMT enter them as a negative number e.g.

New York is GMT -5 so simply enter "-5"

Note: If you presently are observing daylight saving, check the box but it will apply to the entire year so take care of this setting. Use it just for the months that are appropriate then set it back.

Next Steps

Once you have set your timezone the software will calculate your Agnihotra timings for your unique location.

Using the Program

Once the calculations are made you will be able to use the information in a variety of ways.

Right click on the little Agnihotra Pyramid to get the main menu.

My City shows you your present location both your country and your location. Click it to change it if you are traveling or wish to calculate the Agnihotra timings for a different location anywhere on earth.

Sunrise and Sunset show you the time of Agnihotra today in your location. If you click on this option you will hear the sunrise or sunset mantras chanted for you in case you need to refresh to correct pronounciation and words of these beautiful Sanskrit mantras.

My Agnihotra Calendar

Click this and it will open a dynamic calendar of sunrise and sunset timings for your location. You can e-mail and print either a month or a year at a time.

Print Month will print the selected month, E-mail Month will allow you to send it to anyone using your mail client.

Print Year will print the selected year, E-mail Year will allow you to send it to anyone using your mail client. 

Use the drop-down selector at the top of the screen to jump to a year or month of your choice.

Let us continue now with the main menu options.

Change Location will take you to the location screen where you can set your present location. After setting it select save and the software will automatically recalculate your Agnihotra timings.

Next Agnihotra shows you the time to go of the next Agnihotra. You can also see the next Agnihotra times by simply hovering the mouse over the Agnihotra Pyramid in the Windows system tray.

Settings Menu

The program has various user configurable options.

1. Change My Location we've already covered above.

2. Reminder Settings

(a) Show Agnihotra Reminder

Enable this setting if you want your computer to have popup reminders before and during Agnihotra (this is an aid to remembering to prepare for and do Agnihotra as well as a training system for those new to it.

(b) Reminder Time

Select from 1 - 60 minutes before Agnihotra for your reminder popup time based on what is good for you. The default is 30 minutes giving you ample time to prepare and get ready for the beautiful practice of Agnihotra.

(c) Reminder Type

Select if you wish an audio and visual reminder or both audio and visual. The default is both audio and visual.

3. Run at Windows Startup

This is the default setting for Agnihotra for Windows and when it is enabled it is running in your system tray each time you restart your computer. It allows the popup reminder system to work nicely if your computer is near the place you do Agnihotra. If you wish to use Agnihotra for Windows just as a calendar tool and for sending calculations to people but not for it's reminder features, you can consider disabling this option.

Help Menu

Explore the various options here. You have a range of learning tools and feedback tools. You can Learn the Agnihotra Mantras, Learn how to do Agnihotra, send us suggestions, get Agnihotra supplies directly from India and find out about the team who made Agnihotra for Windows.

Special Note on Time

For Agnihotra for Windows to work correctly in terms of reminding you at the exact times of sunrise and sunset, it is important that your system clock is set with the correct time at the moment. If you have an Internet connection and are running Windows XP or Windows 2000 this feature is built in to Windows. Simply click on your system clock and enable the Windows time syncronization feature.

If your computer is keeping good time you only need to update your clock once in a while as most computers keep good time for many months at a time. If you have a good Internet connection you can do it every day to be sure. Actually Windows does it automatically when updated.

If you are running an older version of Windows, we highly reccomend Dimension 4 which is a Freeware time sync software.

If you are without an Internet connection please use your local radio or TV channel to sync your clock with an accurate source.

Agnihotra for Windows is free software, you are free to use and distribute it. It has been created by Vedic Society for a better world through environmental and individual healing through Yagya.

Get it from CNET! (Version 2.0.3 for Windows - 4.24 MB)

 This software is 100% Spyware, Adware etc. free. It is released as Freeware for all to use and enjoy.

If you find it has helped you and you wish to contribute to support it's ongoing development and other similar Vedic Society projects you are welcome to donate via Paypal.

Please let us know your feedbacks and suggestions.

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